A decade of change and hope

By January 3, 2010 Insights

As I sit here in a San Miguel kitchen recovering from too many holiday parties (with one more to go this evening), reading the NYT online, planning a Skype meeting and a newsletter launch next week for clients in the U.S., catching up with friends on Facebook and gmail, and writing this blog, it’s hard to image that almost none of this was possible 10 years ago. Well, San Miguel was not much different (except for the Starbucks) but Facebook, gmail and Skype didn’t exist and even Blogger (launched in 1999) was just a baby. I don’t remember when I installed my first wireless router at home, but it was 2000 when I experienced the nightmare of having DSL installed for the first time.

So many in the past few days have shared their reviews of the last decade and hopeful predictions for the next, like this morning’s op-ed from Bono, that I don’t feel that I need to add my own two cents. But I will say that I can’t help but express my hopeful belief that we will look back on this millennium’s teens with awe at what we accomplished.

Here’s to a happy new year and a positive new decade. Cheers!