A love that’s true

By October 6, 2011 Insights

Marketers, designers and strategists talk about creating meaningful experiences for consumers; creating products that people love. We develop and espouse formulas for creating emotional connections between customers and brands. It’s a worthy goal but what does it mean to really love a product – a thing that cannot love us back? What does it feel like? Last night I think I finally understood.

With the death of Steve Jobs, the entire world mourns. We’re not just acknowledging the passing of a genius who reshaped technology. Many of us who are resting our fingers on the keys of our MacBooks, holding our iPhones in the pocket of our coats, or fidgeting with the cord dangling from our iPod are experiencing something more profound. Like relatives and friends gathering at the wake of a loved one, we find ourselves reliving and sharing happy memories, not of great times with Steve, but of wonderful experiences created by the products he brought to life.

Steve Jobs’ creative vision brought joy, amazement and beauty into our world… and love.