All quiet on the San Miguel front

By April 28, 2009 Insights

The swine flu has got everyone talking and taking action in San Miguel de Allende. I’m beginning to see quite a few people wearing masks – in fact everyone working in the Mega supermarket had them on. The barman at the diner where we had lunch today put plastic gloves on before taking our plates away, and the cook offered us hand gel before we ate. 

Fortunately we have had no cases of swine flu in San Miguel. Nevertheless everyone is being cautious – no handshaking or kissing. And the normal chaos of dozens of kids playing in the park across from our house is eerily absent – in fact the park is vacant! The streets are pretty empty too. Schools are closed and all of my dance classes have been cancelled for the week.
There isn’t any sense of panic here though – mainly just everyone erring on the side of caution, and enjoying an excuse to lay around the house and stay out of the heat. 
I’m really impressed with the way this is being handled here. I do hope it ends soon though (supposedly everything will reopen on May 6th). I miss my dance classes already!