Beautiful California

By March 18, 2009 Insights

In three days I leave for Mexico. I’ll be living in San Miguel again – in the middle of the high desert, this time for 4 months. As if to say, “are you SURE this is what you want to do?,” California has burst into a flowering abundance.

Driving down I5 Sunday was, for a change, a joy, with miles of blossoming fruit trees. Poppies, lupine and a variety of wildflowers peppered verdant hills. At one point just before the Tejon pass climb I actually out load exclaimed “oh my god” as I suddenly came upon acres of ultraviolet – it looked as unnatural as it did striking. (a Goggle search has still not revealed what I saw – if you know, please tell me!)

Yesterday I walked the beach at Huntington, trying to absorb a bit of Pacific Ocean salt before I head inland. The sky was brilliant and the warm water was teaming with surfers.

As much as I keep telling everyone that I’m done with San Francisco and ready to see what could come my way beyond US borders, I’ll always be a California girl and feel very lucky to say so.