Beautiful things

By October 15, 2010 Insights

I had the wonderful opportunity to assist my tango friend Bob Noakes at his beginning tango class at the VA Hospital. Since I arrived early to his house, he treated me to a leisurely drive around the Sunset and Richmond on our way to the VA – districts I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not very familiar with in spite of my 20 years in San Francisco.

A hidden treasure I was completely unaware of… the beautifully tiled Moraga steps that lead to (am I told) the best view in San Francisco. Before the fog rolls back in, I plan to drive back and see for myself!

After class, Bob’s wife Carolyn took me up to her studio to show me her amazing quilts. Carolyn was a programmer way back when and she’s clearly tapped into her talent for patterns and logical systems to create some of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen. She’s quite well known for her work – I wish I had more images to post here.

I’m heading off to Mexico in a week to discover more beautiful things (dia de los muertos!), but it’s nice to still be awed by what surrounds me every day. Thanks Bob and Carolyn!