Begin again

By September 20, 2010 Insights

Lately, as I’ve been building my marketing and design business, I frequently find myself telling people to “check out my blog for more about me.” I cringe a little knowing that I’ve neglected this space for a LONG time, but I have excuses… how many people really look; I’m back in the country so what’s there to share; I’m too busy writing for my clients so who has the time??

OK, that’s all in the past now since today I had a meeting with one of the principals of The Culinary Edge who pulled up my site, went to my blog and raised an eyebrow at the age of my last post. Embarrassment is such a great catalyst.

Though travel was my initial inspiration for launching this blog, I never promised that’s all it would be. So, with a nod to its description above, I’ll continue with “what comes next.” Maybe a little commentary on design, marketing, creativity, innovation and anything else that I think you might find interesting or that I just feel like writing about. And I’ll try to add an adventure or two.