Goodbye Rabat (for now)

By December 3, 2008 Insights

I can’t believe that 3 months has passed so quickly. I expected to document so much more in this blog, but will have to share many of my experiences in person… unless of course I realize my next goal of writing a book.

Morocco was different, and much richer than I expected. And much less foreign as well – I’ve said this before but it does feel like home in many ways. I can’t imagine not returning here soon. And I’ve even been allowed to keep the keys to the house!

Today I play tourist and try to document everything, but so many things won’t fit in my lens… the sound of morning prayers layering over each other in the 5am silence. The smells of sheep’s heads grilling and fresh mandarines. The brilliance of the sun and the cold of unheated houses. The feeling of being drawn along in a throng through the market streets on a warm evening. The loud and laughing conversations in broken Arabic and French in crowed grand taxis. The food!!! The music and dancing. The poverty and the generosity.

My baraka.