It started with a typo

By July 22, 2011 Insights

I’m a big fan of lists. Being organized, having a plan, prioritizing – these things make life easier and more productive. And how satisfying is it to check off those items at the end of the day. I have a list sitting next to me at the moment, one I wrote last week after I returned from Mexico. It includes important things like finishing my taxes and servicing the car (all my client obligations are on a completely different list). Nowhere on my list was ‘rebuilding my website’, since really all I needed to do was fix a small typo.

But here I am on day 2 of finishing up my new WordPress site. Often the best experiences, the most profitable and rewarding endeavors, are those we encounter by giving ourselves the freedom to take a detour and put our lists and our plans aside. To explore possibilities. How we convince clients of this or build it into proposals is still a challenge… many have tried to package it as ‘design thinking’ and perhaps that’s the best solution for now.

Of course I had very valid reasons for redoing my site… easier to fix those typos and add new content for one. And experimenting more with WordPress on my time and not my clients’.

It’s nice to have a little diversion (ok, not so little) once in a while. And you bet I’ve added ‘redesign Klarquist website’ to my list, though after the fact, just so I can check it off.