Last days

By November 21, 2008 Insights

Yesterday was my last day at work. With big tears I said goodbye to my autisitc kids – Mehdi, Seddik, and Abedsammad. In the afternoon I wished all 40 of my AMESIP students good luck, finally being able to call them each by their name. This was by far the most emotional day of my journey.

The more I travel, the more comfortable I become in different situations, it seems that change is what happens in the environments around me and, somewhat regretfully, less frequently inside me. Is this what they call knowing theyself? Envisioning my trip home it feels like I’ve only been gone a few days and Moroco already feels like just a dream. I’m feeling like the same person that left San Francisco almost 3 months ago, but I’m hoping I’m just a bit more.

I’m trying to hold onto each minute here now, even if it includes tears.

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  • Karla says:

    I cannot believe you are going to be home soon. Peter and I have read your blog with great interest. Can’t wait too talk to you to hear more about your fascinating adventure. Wish i could have joined you in Paris.