Little surprises

By August 5, 2012 June 12th, 2015 Insights

The rainy season in Central Mexico this year was wet. Very wet. As a result, everything was green. Very green. Living out in the countryside, I had the privilege of witnessing the emerging lushness. Dry, dusty, spiky hills and flatlands transformed into a dewy and delicately verdant landscape.

I began to notice dots of color — tiny wildflowers here and there. As I walked around, head down, I discovered new varieties everywhere. I grabbed my camera and hunted, only focusing on the 5 or so feet around me. And I kept finding more. Unbelievable.

I downloaded my treasures. Traipsing out again to reshoot those not quite in focus, I’d inevitably find something I hadn’t spotted earlier. A change in perspective, reinvestigating where I’d already been, opened my eyes to hundreds of little surprises. Lucky me.