My Babies

By April 13, 2009 Insights

Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I’m in heaven. I help take care of little babies – seven of them. Yes, all at one time.

Casa de los Angeles was founded in 2000 by Donna Quathamer (who is an angel herself) as a safe haven for the children of the streets and those whose mothers come from the outskirts of town to work or to sell their wares at the local mercado. It serves more than 100 children from 73 families at two seperate daycare centers and in addition to daycare, the centers provide a place for mothers to find the support and the help they need to make a good life for themselves and their children.

Casa de los Angeles and Donna are quite well known in San Miguel and when I mention that I volunteer there, people tell me what a generous thing I’m doing. Really though it feels quite selfish – how can holding, feeding, playing with, and drying the tears of little angels be considered a sacrifice. I think it’s heavenly.

Casa de los Angeles is always in need of donations – they accept credit cards and Paypal, as well as having a US address if you’d prefer to send a check. I encourage anyone reading this to consider a donation… or come down to Mexico and join me!