On my way

By September 4, 2008 Insights

Hard to believe that this is it – tomorrow I board a flight at 6:35 AM and 20+ hours later I land in Casablanca (with a nice stopover in New York for dinner at Balthazar with my friend Shellie).

Actually, getting on a plane to go to Morocco isn’t that hard to believe. Accepting the fact that I’ll be gone for 3 months is. Although my house is pristine with empty cabinets and closets ready to be filled by my renter (Leah), it still doesn’t feel like I won’t just be back in a couple weeks… which makes me fearful that in spite of my extremely heavy (though not bulging) suitcase, I still may have forgotten something really important. (those who know me well are laughing at that comment – but just wait until I call in a panic asking that you FedEx my eyeglasses or something absurd).
So… one last TV goggle and it’s goodnight San Francisco (and what a TV night it promises to be – those wacky Republicans. Any bets on when we’ll be seeing the talking Sarah Palin VP Candidate Barbie?).
Stay tuned and don’t forget to write!

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  • jennifer says:

    You did it! I hope everything is going great as you get used to the new life you’ll live for the next few months. Can’t wait to keep track of the journey………

  • Leah Hunter says:

    The closet was empty! (I only expected half.) My ridiculous shoe collection and I thank you.