The College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley stands among the nation’s top environmental design schools. The first school to combine the disciplines of architecture, planning, and landscape architecture into a single college, CED led the way toward an integrated approach to analyzing, understanding, and designing our built environment.

Since 2010, we have supported dozens of communications initiatives, from media announcements to strategic fundraising collateral. The most significant of these include:

Frameworks. With a distribution to over 25,000 alumni, donors, and friends, this biannual online and print publication tackles critical issues affecting the environmental design community. Since 2011, we’ve managed its production, including interviewing renowned alumni and faculty, writing and/or editing all content, and collaborating with the print and web design team to ensure that the publication meets the rigorous standards of this world-class institution.

College of Environmental Design Annual Reports. We supported writing and editing of content for the 2015-16, 2016-17, and 2018-19 editions.

Case Statements. Critically important for targeted fundraising, we were responsible for editing and design of the 2015 Flex Studios Case Statement; and extensive research, writing, and design for the Havens House Case Statement.

Berkeley-Rupp Architecture Professorship & Prize. Since its inception in 2012, we have led online content development and communications strategy for this prestigious architecture prize.

Bloom PR campaign. We drove PR strategy, media relations, and event co-management for the launch of Bloom, the first and largest powder-based 3-D-printed cement structure built to date.