So safe in Mexico

By April 4, 2009 Insights

Many of my family and friends (yes, you) have expressed worry about my sojourn in Mexico based on media accounts of the horrible violence in many Mexican cities. I’ve asserted (and continue to believe) that it’s more dangerous to walk through Oakland than it is to live in most parts of Mexico.

Well, now I’ve got the proof… Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico is here today to rededicate the San Miguel de Allende Museum and the town is armed to the teeth with rifle and machine gun toting Federales and Mexican army. I’m telling you, nothing feels safer than seeing dozens of kids that look no more than 17 wielding automatic weapons. I had to go through a metal detector to walk through the central square this morning. Of course today was the day I decided to sport some silver bling, so all my bracelets set off the alarm… and they still just waved me through. Damn, I could have tucked my pistol in my belt and really felt safe.

Seriously though – I hate guns. And I’m not especially fond of large crowds. And the two together scare the hell out of me. So tonight we’re staying home and enjoying a nice barbecue and bottle of wine. Now I feel safe.