The advantages of Ramadan

By September 22, 2008 Insights

Having arrived in Morocco during Ramadan, I’m very curious to see what life here will be like afterward. While Ramadan is a very spiritually and culturally important time; it also seems to make a convenient backdrop for all kinds of commerce. When you know you have a rapt audience consisting of almost an entire country, who haven’t had a drop of sustanence all day and are glued to the TV waiting for the prayer call so they can eat, what better time to advertise food. After 2+ weeks here I know almost every jingle for cookies, juice, yogurt, salad oil, flour and the universal Vache Qui Rit. Yesteday I rode past a billboard for Pizza Hut (yes, we actually have one here, but no one has heard of Starbucks thankfully), featuring a huge pizza and wishing everyone a happy Ramadan – when you’re starving I have to say it really makes your mouth water.

I also can’t tell you how many times shopkeepers and even the henna artist in the kasbah have offer me “good deals” because it’s Ramadan afterall. Do all the prices go up afterward? Only 2 more weeks to go and I’ll let you know.