While waiting for client feedback

By September 29, 2009 Insights

I’m not a big fan of the home office idea. I don’t mind being independent, I’m quite good at it. But soloing without a soul around, except on email, isn’t really my favorite work style. And my house is so small that I pretty much end up in one chair from a.m. coffee to p.m. cabernet.

But there is one thing I love – the productivity! I no longer have to cram all my chores and home projects into a weekend. Today while waiting for client feedback and approvals on a couple projects, I ripped out an old agapanthus that was threatening to one day prevent me from reaching my front door. For those of you sensitive to killing “old growth” anything, I apologized before whacking it to pieces and even saved a bunch of stalks for planting somewhere else (or selling on the street corner for bus fare).

I now have a nice potted olive tree in that corner, a proud blister on my palm and I was even right at hand for a client call (albeit a bit sore and muddy). Not so bad I guess.